What is the Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver, BC?

Are you curious about shrooms?

Either you have accidentally found out about shrooms online or you have heard it from your friend, magic mushrooms have a lot of potential health benefits that a few people only know.

What is a magic mushroom? 

Magic mushrooms – also called as shrooms – are a hallucinogenic fungus. The psychoactive effects of this mushroom come from the substance psilocybin, a natural psychedelic compound. Shrooms come in various strains, and each variant of this substance contains different potency. Some are quite mild, while there are extremely potent strains. Studies illustrate that psilocybin cause visual and auditory disorientation and break one’s perception of reality. 

Shrooms have many health benefits. It can treat chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. It also supports vitality, productivity, and improved mood. One can experience these benefits by following the correct magic mushroom dosage as recommended by experts. 

Although magic mushroom has several potentials and has a promising future in the pharmacological and medical industry, the legal status of the substance remains illegal. In the United States, shrooms are under the category of Schedule I drug. Therefore, any form of use, selling, farming, and growing of the substance is illegal. But does it have the same legal status in Vancouver, BC?

Is Shroom Legal in Vancouver, BC? 

Take note that shrooms in Vancouver are still illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. However, there is an exemption. The government only allows the use of this substance strictly for medical purposes. Growing, farming, and possession of magic mushroom not for medical functions still have legal impediments. 

People in Vancouver can only purchase shrooms for treatment, and it must be prescribed by a medical professional. If you need magic mushrooms, you can find them at online dispensaries in Canada. Unfortunately, you can’t easily find them at physical stores considering openly selling magic mushrooms is prohibited by the government. 

One of the best sources wherein you can find high-quality magic mushrooms is the Fun Guys. They have a wide-range collection of shroom strains. Likewise, they have several magic mushroom products to offer, from dried to edibles.

How to Find the Right Magic Mushroom in Vancouver, BC? 

Always consult a person knowledgeable about magic mushrooms. You can also ask for help from reliable online sources. Never buy shrooms without an idea about these fungi. If you are not careful, you might happen to choose a potent strain and experience a ‘bad trip.’ 

Furthermore, do plenty of research about shroom micro-dosing. Experts recommend beginners to do micro-dosing to prevent your body from shock in consuming strong psychedelics. Additionally, make sure to learn the exact doses for treating certain conditions. Taking a high dosage of the shroom is the last thing you would want to do.


Although shroom remains a Schedule I drug, the authorities allow exemptions for medical purposes. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and poor mental health, you can try using magic mushrooms. But remember to ask help from experts to prevent its side-effects.

Whether you plan to buy magic mushrooms online or from someone you know, make sure to do plenty of research before doing so. Always be guided to experience the best results. 

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