Tips on How to Choose the Best Self Journal for this Year 2021

Starting your year with clear intention by writing them down in a self-intention journal is one way to keep your goals organized throughout the year. And to find the perfect self-journal for 2021, check this now.

Was your 2020 planner a waste? Probably everybody’s planner was; with all the things that have happened the entire year, living healthily and with contentment is already a great blessing.

This 2021, wouldn’t it be nice to own a self-intention journal alongside a 2021 daily planner? Writing your clear intentions this 2021will inspire you to take actions that are aligned with the things you want to attract into your life this coming year, as well as the following years.

What is the difference between a daily planner and a self-intention journal anyway?

As described earlier, our favorite intention journal is a place where you can write down your daily thoughts and inspiration, while the daily planner is something you can use to track down your day-to-day activities.

If you are planning to purchase an intentional journal for you or someone, here are a few useful tips when choosing the best 2021 best self-intentional journal.

#1: Better writing space

Most of the inputs on self-intention journals do not sound robotic; instead, it is about exploration and visualization of clear goals and intentions.

Writing down your clear daily intentions would never fit on a planner-like journal because most of the planners are less spacious since the goals are simple. So, if you are going to purchase a journal, you need to look for something with better writing space.

Also, you may consider a journal having enough space for monthly, weekly, and daily reflection. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to find a self-intention journal with enough writing spaces for goals, activities, journaling, affirmations, and mind-mapping, you should consider purchasing it then.

#2: Durable

Another factor to consider when purchasing a self-intention journal is its construction. When purchasing a self-intention journal or a planner, make sure to choose one with good construction. Choose a journal or a planner with a durable cover and with its pages should be well-intact.

Also, you may want to consider purchasing a journal with luxurious or smudge-proof paper; it is more inspiring to write something on a journal that does not play cheap when it comes to its paper and construction.

#3: Well-designed

Now, when it comes to design, choose a journal with useful templates that allows you to track your goals, milestones, and even the critical drivers. Also, it is a plus to have a journal with the following additions:

  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Pen loop
  • An elastic closure band or magnetic fasteners will keep the journal secure.
  • Inner pockets for cards or loose notes.
  • Useful stickers

Is it worth it to use a self-intention journal?

A self-intention journal is different from a daily planner; the former helps you take a grasp on clearer goals, while the latter allows you to keep in line with your day-to-day objectives. So, is having a self-intention journal worth it this 2021? Yes, it is; especially, when it is hard to predict what can happen this 2021 when almost all of your daily plans for 2020 have gone to waste.

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