Tips on How to Choose the Best Security Key this Year

Cyber-attacks are expanding by means of ‘how and how often’. If you think you are safe with two-factor-authentication that is featured on several websites, especially on social sites, think again. Countless of online identity theft and fraudulent activities are being reported every day, even on websites with 2FA. So, get a hold of security keys.

The security key is a USB thumb drive-like device that heightens your safety online. In other words, it is an addition to the usual security authentication procedures on several sites. All you need to do is plug-in the key to your computer while logged into your online accounts. Security keys are programmed to block possible cyber-attacks.

If you are planning to purchase a security key, here are a few tips on how to choose the best:

Tip #1 Choose a security key that supports the new FIDO2 and or the older version of FIDO U2F protocol

FIDO 2 or FIDO U2F protocols are security devices that allow the generation of cryptographic (private and public) key pair; this is to provide a stronger authentication process, enabling the internet user to securely gain access to a couple of online sites using a single security key fast and easy without client software or drivers needed.

Choosing a security key that supports the new version of FIDO2 and its older version, FIDO U2F protocol will give you the ability to leverage in future Web Authentication.

Tip #2 Should be consistent and compatible

Choose a security key that works consistently whenever the user is logging into a different site that requires authentication. Additionally, choose a security key that can work on many operating systems including Android and iOS, as well as, macOS and Windows computers.

Tip #3 Choose security that guarantees strong account security

There is a high risk of account override when you try to log into a public Wi-Fi; however, if you use a well-performing security key, you can be safe signing in to a public Wi-Fi.

Tip # 4 It should be easy to set up

Before you can fully use the security key, you have to set it up first; which includes setting up a backup in case you encounter problems in accessing your accounts and other security key issues. If you are going to purchase a security key, make sure that it is easy to set up.

Tip #5 Offers quality customer support

Setting up a security key and encountering technical troubles, is quite a hassle, especially to individuals who are not into the technical side of computers and devices. A company that offers quality customer assistance is a big help.

Here is a list of the best security keys this year that you should consider purchasing. Also, get more detailed information about the security keys at keylockguide.com.

  • Yubikey 4
  • Google Titan Security Keys
  • The Fido 2 Security Key

Final Thoughts

Is the security key worth purchasing?

Yes; it is.

Even though there are websites that use 2FA (2-Factor Authorization), it is still not a guarantee that you won’t be exposed to account phishing and account overriding. For this reason, heightening your security online using a security key becomes a necessity.

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