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Simple Design Tips When Remodeling Your Bathroom

So you’ve finally decided to give your bathroom that much-deserved makeover. It’s only reasonable, considering that this is one of your private sanctuaries or havens at home, apart from your bedroom. You don’t really need to go all-out when remodeling part of your house. Sometimes, an improved shower panel is all you need to achieve the desired effect. However, it’s important to keep two crucial elements in mind when remodeling a bathroom; the comfort and elegance.

The bathroom is the second place in your home where you can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate alone. That’s why you must incorporate three key facets in your remodeled bathroom – sophistication, style, and softness. Integrating these design ideas would be easier if you have a large bathroom. Still, you can make do with the space you have available by keeping these simple design tips in mind:

  • Cabinets

It would be a good to opt for custom-made cabinets that provide convenience and maximum storage. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a design that’s pleasing to the eyes, too. You could place tall cabinets on either side of the sink so all your bathroom necessities are within eye level and reach. Try not to line up all the bathroom cabinets on one side of the wall. Aim for lines and heights in your bathroom.

  • Tiles

You should choose tiles that are durable and stylish. There are tiles made of glass, ceramic, stone, or metal. Some of these tiles are painted or have embossed designs. Choose a design that complements the design of your bathroom cabinets. To create texture and color, you can place hand-painted or embossed tiles at random on the wall. One thing you need to remember, though, is these kinds of tiles cost more than ordinary tiles especially since these are sold by piece. Hence, if you have a streak of creativity in you, it would be best to choose plain tiles and add your personal touch to these.

  • Shower panel

If you work long hours during the day, then a shower panel with multiple massage jets would be just the thing you need to soothe those aching muscles. It would also be a good idea to choose one that features temperature control. You can check out this page for a really good breakdown of walk-in shower panels.

  • Basin or vanity

Books and magazines that provide bathroom design tips suggest that if you want to make your floor space bigger, you should opt to use pedestal basins. You could actually use two of varying heights. You may choose basins in traditional or contemporary designs and use glass, brass, crystal, or pewter fixtures to complement the theme of your bathroom.

  • Mirrors

Choose mirrors with polished, framed, or beveled edges. It would also be a good idea to choose mirrors with hidden storage cabinets for that much-needed hiding place for your toiletries and whatnot.

  • Taps

Always remember that your choice of taps should complement whatever underlying theme you have in your bathroom. If you’re going for a country design, choose pewter taps and fixtures. Otherwise, stick to chrome, brass, or satin chrome.

  • Lighting

This is one of the most important and often ignored features of the bathroom. When remodeling your bathroom, make sure you consider both artificial and natural lights. Make sure there’s plenty of light directed at work areas like the sink and the toilet. A soft light is recommended above the bathtub.

These are some of the design tips you can incorporate when remodeling your bathroom.