How to Fix Flickering Automotive LED Lights and Bulbs that Keeps Blowing Out

Flickering car LED lights and bulbs that keep blowing are two common automotive lighting problems. If your car is in such a condition, learn how to fix it DIY. 

Faulty automotive lighting seems not a serious issue compared to a damaged car engine. Though it is a common and simple car problem, a faulty light brings inconvenience and trouble. For example, driving with one burned-out bulb in the headlamp is unsafe. It increases your risk of accidents. 

The most common automotive lighting problem is flickering and burned-out bulbs. This problem stems from different roots. It might be due to a bad bulb, a loose wiring connection, bad ground, corrosion, or a failed switch.

If your car has the same problem, worry not. A flickering and burned-out LED car light is easy to fix. Various online sources, like this one; https://www.ineedbrightlights.com/why-car-led-lights-glow-when-switched-off/ will teach you how to troubleshoot and fix common car lighting issues. 

Flickering LED Lights

Flickering bulbs are not only annoying. It could also do more damage when left unfixed. There is only one reason for flickering lights, and that is a loose wire connection.

How to Fix It? 

When dealing with a car’s wiring, always take caution. The last thing you would want is to get electrocuted while fixing your car’s bulb. Wear gloves and do not touch the wirings, nor do anything with the car if the engine is running. Also, make sure the car has cooled down before touching its wirings. 

Consult your car’s repair manual. Look for the vehicle’s wiring diagram and study it. The manual will direct you to the correct wire connecting the headlight’s bulb. Once you found it troubleshoot the connection. 

If one of the bulbs in the circuit flickers, check the wirings for that bulb. But if all of the lights in the circuit flicker, there is a high chance that the problem is on the ground source and not the wire. 

For this issue, all you have to do is tighten the loose wire. After doing so, check the lights again. If it still flickers, redo the process. But what if the same happens? The problem could be on the breaker due to a short circuit. You will need professional help with this type of problem.

Burned-Out LED Bulbs

A bulb that keeps blowing out is a common car lighting problem. Albeit it is not a serious car issue, it will cost you money since you keep on buying new bulbs to replace the burned-out ones every single time.

How to Fix It? 

Water stuck on the assembly and electrical short are typical causes of burned-out bulbs. 

This problem is easy to fix. Check the assembly if there’s water on the bottom of the light housing. The water usually enters the light housing through cracks on the headlamp. Drain out the water and replace the assembly. If the headlamp has cracks, it is best to replace it or have it sealed. 

If the reason for the bulbs burning out is electrically short, you can fix it by yourself. However, if you don’t have any idea how to fix a short circuit, ask for help from a professional.

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