How to Determine the Best Blender for Crushing the Toughest Ingredients

Apparently, not all blenders have the capacity to crush ice and frozen food; as a matter of fact, kitchen experts do not recommend using any type of blender to pulverize hard ingredients like ice. Before using your blender to crush ice, make sure that the blender you have is 100 percent suitable for crushing the toughest ingredient.

Blending ice, nuts, and hard foods are frustrating and challenging without the right blender. Moreover, forcing to crush these ingredients using the wrong blender will only break the blades or damage the whole appliance.

So, how can you assure that a blender is ideal for this heavy duty task?

Follow the tips indicated below to choose the perfect blender for crushing the toughest ingredients.

High Operating Power

Every blender buying tips and guidelines on the web suggests that buyers must pick a blender with a high power rating.

When talking about power rating, most blender manufacturers only include in their product description either the wattage and peak power of the item. Some of these numbers are too high that it feels deceiving.

Well, there is a manufacturer with high-powered blenders, but there also some who only place the peak power to attract buyers.

As a buyer, you need to be conscious about the difference between the peak power and operating power of a blender. The peak power refers to the sudden bursts of torque of the blender. It is not a continuous type of power. The initial boost of the torque is the peak power of the blender. On the other hand, the operating power is continuous and stable. When looking for a blender, what you need to look for is the wattage and operating power. Do not settle for a blender that is below 700W.

Blade Design

Another important feature that you have to look into is the blender’s blade design. If you take notice on the blade design of blenders, you will observe that there has a various design. There are blenders with flower-like blades whereas some brands have only two or three prongs.

A blender’s blade design influences the appliance’s performance in crushing hard ingredients. The ideal blade design for crushing ice has 4 prongs with two pointing upward and two facing pointing downward. Blenders with any four prongs will also work as long as the blades are sturdy.

Aside from the blade design, take note the thickness of the blade. It is wisest to choose a blender with thick and sturdy blades. With this, the blender can easily break the ice at initial torque.

Pre-Program Features

Lots of blenders have preset or pre-programmed features. Some have smart technology that allows you to select which blender function you need to prepare the food. Pre-program features are convenient especially when blending tough ingredients. It can easily mix the ingredients while maintaining consistency on the food.

Remember, though you may have the best blender you are careless in using the item, it will certainly break easily.

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