Examples Of Some BPA Free Coffee Makers


Some plastics are BPA free certified but when not sure, avoid coffee makers with plastic parts. The most common materials recommended for BPA free coffee makers are glass and stainless steel. This article highlights some of the BPA free coffee maker brands for your consideration.

Many people are increasingly getting their BPA free coffee makers. What is this substance called BPA that people are avoiding? BPA is the short form for bisphenol A which is a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Plastic containers release BPA at high temperatures and this compound has been found to cause various health challenges. There is the justification why people are in concerned and buying their safe coffee makers, don’t be left behind.

Is it really necessary to get a BPA free coffee maker?

For many people, consume coffee on a daily basis and there is nothing wrong with that. The fact that the frequency of taking coffee is high increases the changes of health challenges in cases where the coffee is intoxicated. How do you tell that your coffee if safe before taking it? It’s hard to have plastic-free coffee makers, but genuine ones indicate that they’ve used a 100% BPA free plastic. The best practice is to use stainless steel and glass materials. I recommend you seek professional help with Pick and Brew regarding the safety of your coffee, but beware safety is better than being sorry.

Characteristics of BPA free materials

This segment is meant to equip you with some tips to consider in your pursuit of BPA free materials. It will be your responsibility to visit Pick & Brew for assistance regarding BPA free materials. For me, let me give you the following tips.

  1. The plastic should be very hard. A clear hard plastic is possibly made of polycarbonate but if the manufacturer doesn’t clarify that it’s BPA free, you’d rather avoid using it.
  2. The plastic should be labeled a number 7. If your coffee maker has a plastic base labeled a number 7 or just “PC” letters, it’s possibly made of polycarbonate. However, it’s worth noting that the number on the label can have a different meaning depending on the product.

Examples of some BPA free coffee makers at your disposal

I don’t know your preferences and needs but one thing is sure, you will identify with one of the under-listed BPA free coffee makers. A detailed chronicle about them is found on Pick & Brew website.

  1. OXO Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker
  2. Secura French Press Coffee Maker
  3. Chemex Classic Coffeemaker

I know you have had of several other brands and types of BPA free coffee makers, but the three are what our expertise and our many years’ hands-on experience have enabled us to educate you about.


Despite the health threat that BPA poses to coffee lovers, it’s possible to enjoy your coffee without any alarm. The market isn’t short of BPA free coffee makers but you only need to be careful and engage the professionals.

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