Easy Backpacking Tips for Beginners

Backpacking is an adventure which blends the backcountry camping with hiking. What is great is that it is that type of adventure that has begun to attract more and more enthusiasts in the last few years, people who feel that they need to reconnect with nature and experience the horizons beyond the experience provided by the car, the train or the airplane. Since it is much more than a simple one day hiking, you should definitely look at some backpacking tips and tricks, especially if you are a beginner. Do this before you begin your adventure so you can be better prepared for anything that might come up; the experience is going to be a wonderful one but try to also be prepared for the unexpected, as you never know what can happen. If you simply don’t know where to begin, I recommend you to first look at some backpacking tips and tricks, as it is basically in the backpack that you should find all the things you might need along the way. Here are some easy tips and tricks to consider.

  • Begin with an easy backpacking destination. When the hike is too hard, the experience is going to be a miserable one and you don’t want that, right? Ask some experienced backpackers for recommendations and go with a place that is close to your home.
  • Don’t forget the essential backpacking gear and clothing. You will have to carry everything and, in addition to that, you will have to make sure that it fits. This means that it is wise to opt for lightweight gear which is compact. You’ll basically need a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad would be good too, a stove, water treatment and kitchen supplies.
  • Clothing- there are a few pieces that should not be missing from the backpack. We recommend next to skin base layers, hiking layers, insulation and rainwear. Everybody knows what base layers mean; as far as hiking layers are concerned, you should go with nylon pants, T-shirts, sun shirts and a sun hat. For insulation, choose a puffy vest, fleece pullovers and gloves while for rainwear, we recommend waterproof jackets and rain pants.
  • Don’t forget the comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breathe while staying dry.
  • Food- You would go smart with all in one meals for dinner, cooked entrees for breakfast and high calorie, high protein energy bars for lunch.
  • Bring a nice book with you that will allow you to feel even closer to nature in your moments of relaxation. For example, these 65 John Muir quotes about nature are simply lovely and I know that you will like them. You can read them in your spare time and during breaks and one thing is certain: they will show a different perspective upon nature and help you see it in a way that you would never be able to experience without a little help.

Your backpacking experience is going to be a memorable one in the positive way especially if you play it smart, so put these tips and tricks into application.

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