Do I Need Air Purifiers

If you have landed on this page then probably you are wondering about these types of questions

Do I really need an air purifier?

Do air purifiers purify the air?

Are air purifiers worth the tag?

In this article we will look at the various reasons why you may want or you may not want an air purifier.

Do air purifiers purify the air?

In order to get clear answers let us know that according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of air in the interior of our homes is 5 times more polluted that the air in the outside. This may be due to poor ventilation, mold spores, chemicals emitted from the cleaning agents we use, and allergens and bacteria that are trapped inside. The air purifiers work by stripping off these contaminants from the air.

The way in which an air purifier works is by stripping the air of these bad airborne contaminants.

Air purifiers function in two ways

Some use a HEPA filter that sucks all the particles in the ar so that they cannot float back into the atmosphere

Others use an ionic generator that releases negative ions to the air latching the toxins making them fall of the air.

Both types of purifiers cleanse the air. By cleansing the air, these purifiers ensure that you don’t breathe the contaminants to your lungs as you breathe. The pure the air you breath, the healthier you stay.  So this answers whether air purifiers are worth the tag. Clearly, you can tell that they are not a waste of investment if you want clean air floating around you. But do you really need it? Let’s see about that.

Do I really need an air purifier?

Now you know how air purifiers work, so, should you get one to use in your home? This depends on some factors.

To some people, air purifiers play a big role in promoting better health but to some the benefits are rarely noticeable. From the below information you will figure out on which category do you fit in and if you need an air purifier.

You need an air purifier if:

You are among the 50 million Americans suffering from allergies or asthma. You will notice a great relief in breathing when you have an air purifier around.

When either you or someone in the home gets easily sick or is vulnerable to getting infections. An air purifier traps the airborne contaminants and toxins that lead to infections.

When you want to keep the doctor away by staying healthy and free from diseases then an air purifier will see to it that you achieve this.

No, you don’t need one if:

None of the above reasons sounds like you. If that is the case you won’t realize a big change in your heath since you have no problem with allergens and other contaminants like others.

I hope that now you know whether you need an air purifier or not with your personal situation. If you are not yet convinced, this blog post will give you more insight about the same.

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