COSORI Smoothie Blender; Great For Your ‘On The Go’ Mix

For those ‘on the go’ people and seemingly have no time for any normal sit down meal during mornings, they usually bring with them their meal. This sometimes consists of hot coffee, granola bar, healthy mix of smoothie or juice. Keeping in mind that breakfast is the most important meal a person should have; being in check with one’s health should also be a priority. It is understood that those who work under pressure will most likely neglect their right to have a normal sit down breakfast meal; this should not be a hindrance to having a nutritious meal to keep the body working to its best capacity.

Nowadays, people settle with having fruit smoothies to substitute normal breakfast meal. But sometimes, making your own smoothie before heading out to work can take more time. Aside from you having to actually make the smoothie from mixing fruit ingredients and such, you will also have to spend more time in cleaning the tools used.

No need to worry! There are smoothie blenders that can provide you with all the basic features and more special features. Here in this article, one of those recommended smoothie blenders will be discussed; you can see if it’s the right choice for you.

COSORI Smoothie Blender

This smoothie blender is especially designed for those ‘on the go’ people; best for those who want a quick fix without having the trouble of transferring the smoothie to another container as it comes with its own travel bottle. Ideally, it is best for a single person use or couple.

It works twice as efficient as other smoother blenders in the market today. With its high power and high speed performance, this has become one of the most famous and sought out smoothie blender in the market. COSORI is one of the most trusted manufacturers in terms of quality products; this time, COSORI upgraded their motor to give a more powerful speed performance. Although it is said to have upgraded features, it is still compact and can fit in any tiny space you have in your kitchen or is still travel friendly as you can easily fit it in your luggage.

The COSORI Smoothie Blender includes many other accessories. Upon the arrival of the ordered item, in the box, you will see the following accessories inside:

  • One (1) Cosori high speed personal blender
  • One (1) blade attachment
  • One (1) storage lid
  • One (1) travel lid
  • Two (2) 32 oz. containers
  • One (1) 24 oz. container
  • One (1) Cosori recipe book
  • One (1) cleaning brush
  • One (1) user manual

The cups that are provided along with the blender are BPA free; makes it safer to use compared to any other travel bottles and containers. To make it easier for you, all the other removable parts of the blender is dishwasher safe. No complicated controls; just three (3) button operation. Not only do COSORI give you a one (1) year warrantee in case of any damage, they also offer you a money-back guarantee. This is if you are not satisfied with their blenders or if it did not meet your expectations.

Try the COSORI Smoothie Blender and keep your ‘on the go’ status without having to neglect your morning energy supply.

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