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Top Features of Dremel 3D20 Printer

3D printing technology was only developed in the early 1980s. This technology involves the use of additive manufacturing to build a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design model. In the early years of its birth, 3D printing is typically used to create aesthetic prototypes. 

3D printing has come a long way since its dawn. Today, you can easily find 3D printers either on a physical market or online. Likewise, more and more sectors use 3D printing to manufacture parts of their products, as well as prototypes. Even the education sector utilizes this technology to teach students in STEM. Also, many hobbyists and enthusiasts have come to love this awesome technology.

Indeed, the 3D printing industry bloomed in a short period. It is continuously growing as of now. And there is no doubt you’re also one of these people who came to appreciate this technology. 

If you want to engage in 3D printing, the first thing you have to do is invest a 3D printer. Choosing one is quite overwhelming and daunting, especially for a beginner. But if you want to try this technology, one of the best options for beginners out there is Dremel 3D20. 

The Dremel 3D20 is one of the best-seller 3D printers today. It is an ideal choice for newbies since it has great aspects and not too expensive. Most importantly, it is an easy to use a 3D printer.

What does it Offer? 

This 3D printer by Dremel has several amazing features. Below is a summary of what you can expect from this awesome 3D printer. 

  • Get Started Easily

When you buy Dremel 3D20, everything you’ll need to begin 3D printing is inside the box. The package includes a 3D printer, filament, and printing bed. Also, there is a step-by-step manual to guide beginners on how to operate and set up the machine. 

  • User-Friendly Operating Interface

The printer features a full-color touchscreen operating interface. The controls are easy to understand and follow. 

This machine has an enclosed printing chamber. Though it has no built-in camera for monitoring, the control panel outside allows you to manage the printer and monitor the printing progress. 

  • Superb Printing Quality

DremelDigilab 3D20 has a 100-micron height layering resolution. The high resolution of the printer assures great quality printing including the project’s building supports and overhangs. 

The printer also includes in-built models. You can utilize these models without hooking up the printer into a computer. 

  • Operating System Compatibility

The printer works well with both Windows from Vista or later versions to Mac OSX10.8 and recent models. Also, it is compatible with Ubuntu from 14.04 systems to later. 

You can connect the printer to a computer device using a USB or SD-Card connection. 

Does it Have Any Drawbacks? 

DremelDigilab 3D20 only allows PLA filament, and it does not have a heated bed for other filaments like ABS. There is nothing wrong with using a Dremel PLA exclusive machine. However, this feature restricts advanced users from using other materials.


The 3D20 is best for students, beginners, and hobbyists. It has great features, but it is not a good bet for advanced users who wants to explore more of 3D printing. 

If you want to check out other alternatives that are suitable for advanced 3D printing, go to this source.