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Why Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case is a Great Choice?

Do you love traveling? 

Traveling offers great joy and excitement. There is a pleasure in seeing breath-taking sceneries, experiencing a different culture, and meeting people. However, for adults, traveling can be great pain, whether it is for vacation or work. 

Some factors can make a beautiful travel experience into a nightmare. For example, delayed flights, getting lost, and losing personal belongings, can drive anyone into stress. And worse, you might forget your medication because of these stressors. 

Don’t forsake your health because of small incidents while traveling. What you need is a quality and function travel pill case to assure that you get to take your medicine on time. 

All about Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case

A travel pill case is a useful item for people who take medicines regularly. This pill case guarantees that your medicines are well-organized for business travel, vacation, or day trips. 

Vera Bradley is one of the most popular and sought out travel pill case in the market. Buyers love this item for several reasons. Find out and see why Vera Bradley Iconic Travel Pill Case is a great choice down below. 

1. Has Two Parts

Unlike standard travel pill case that only has a plastic container; the Vera Bradley has two parts. The product features an outer fabric case and a plastic one for the pills. The outer case serves as a small pouch, so you can carry your medicine anywhere you go; on the other hand, the plastic case organizes your pills according to schedule. 

2. Secures Pills

The outer fabric case has a polyester line with a zipper to avoid the pills from spilling out of the bag. Moreover, plastic compartments also feature a lock design to secure the medicines in place. 

3. Durable 

Both the outer and inner case is highly durable. The product is made of quality materials and has a long lifespan. 

4. Lots of Compartments

Vera Bradley pill case measures 3.25 inches (H) x 4.5 inches (W). Although the size isn’t too large, yet it is big enough to stuff large pills. 

The product has eight compartments. You can label each compartment by days, hours, or your schedule in taking the medicine. The labeling makes it easier for you to identify which pills to take. 

5. Travel Size and Beautiful Design

The pill case is perfect for traveling. It is not too bulky and doesn’t take a lot of space. Also, the product has a beautiful design that women will surely love. You can also check out other designs of this product through Intrepid Wellbeing. 

Is it a Good Buy for the Money? 

Vera Bradley also has some flaws. It labels on the pill case fades over time. Moreover, if you are taking large pills, it can be a problem since Vera Bradley has smaller compartments. 

Despite these drawbacks, the Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case is still a good choice. The durability, convenience, and stylish design of the product make up for its flaws. 

If you are curious about this product, you can go to Intrepid Wellbeing to find out additional info regarding Vera Bradley travel pill case. 

Remain Young at Heart and Looks

Wrinkles are a notorious example of a manifestation of the march of time on our faces, and are undoubtedly an ungainly sight to behold. People have been making a lot of efforts to curb the effects of aging; which include sagging skin, dull skin tone, and wrinkles. Under eye wrinkles, in particular, are troublesome; they can add years to your face more than any other wrinkles and they would destroy a polished look on your face.

You don’t need to worry. Ellis James Designs have put up their own list of the best under eye wrinkle primers that you can avail of to get rid of your under eye wrinkles. A site dedicated on showcasing the best of bags, organizers, and travel accessories and cosmetics, Ellis James Designs’ hand-picked brands should give you a good idea on what the best under eye primer for wrinkles is for you. Note that the list is not written with any order in mind.

  1. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base

Blurring the blemishes on the face of someone who may have “imperfect” skin, this primer can improve skin texture instantaneously. While one can wear it by itself or with accompanying makeup to create a smooth, oil-free look, this silicone-based primer must be used with caution by those who have sensitive skin.

  • Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

You’ll be saying thanks after using this primer, especially if you have an oily face that would loosen up your makeup and ruin your look!  The formula used in this primer evens out your skin tone, making way for makeup, eye shadow, and the like to be applied neatly on your face. The feature of keeping the makeup intact on your face also extends to this primer’s capability to keep them off your wrinkles so that they won’t be noticeable.

  • Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Plus Primer

This primer is for the minimalist in you; the formula used is non-greasy and would lighten up your look, helping to conceal your wrinkles and, if used continuously, outright reduces them, thanks to the primer’s Vitamin B3 and bio-peptides. However, the primer contains active ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin, and the primer, though it feels soft on the face, may easily flake.

  • Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer

If you’re one of those patrons that are picky even with their makeup, this one is a decent contender; the primer contains antioxidants and gentle botanical vitamins. The added ingredients ensure that your skin would get nutrients directly. This is a good choice for everyone since it doesn’t contain known skin irritants. The only drawback to the primer is that it isn’t that good in filling up wrinkles and it couldn’t retain your makeup for long periods of time.

  • Bella Terra Eye Primer

This primer is also a great choice for those who wants to go natural since it doesn’t have synthetic chemicals, and at the same time has ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and not irritating. While it is good in smoothing out your eyelid wrinkles for your eye shadow, it isn’t that good in filling them, and you have to warm it up before using, which seems strange.

  • Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light 3 in 1 Primer Serum Mixing Base

Containing white lily, which is rarely used in primers, this primer is good in lightening up your face. The primer also contains peptides and cinnamon extracts to make your skin more youthful. While this primer can do as much as other primers mentioned in this list, it must be noted that the primer is also quite expensive and local distributors are a scarcity.

  • Pure Ziva Velvet Veil Primer

A pretty straightforward primer, the Pure Ziva Velvet Primer can help you maintain your photogenic look the whole day. This is better used for oil control and keeping your makeup for far longer periods of time. The only setbacks are that the formula is not really innovative in its own, and its filling power is not that good.

All of the listed brands and models are available in Amazon, which should give you a good place to get started in looking for the ideal makeup primer for you. At the end of the day, you are the person who knows yourself the most. It’s better to check out the listing by Ellis James Designs and see everything for yourself!