When Buying a Comforter for Better Sleep

A lot of people just clock in the recommended hours of sleep and this is definitely a mistake. Sure, 8 hours of sleep is the norm. But what most are unaware of is that quality is just as important as quantity. Fortunately, getting good sleep isn’t something hard to do at all. One of the best ways to achieve a refreshing sleep and be prepared for the day ahead is by making the bed extremely comfortable. And a good way to do so is to have a comfortable layer of comforters to lie on. But before rushing out to buy one, there are some important considerations that must be taken into account. After all, buying a reliable comforter can make or break the quality of sleep one expects to get from their purchase.

  1. Fill Power

Perhaps what a lot of people consider as the most crucial property of a comforter is, well, its capability to provide comfort. Fill power is a term used in comforter manufacturing and distribution which refers to the density of downs per cubic inch of space. To avoid getting too technical, it’s basically how much down the comforter contains for its given size. This depends entirely on the preference of the person who’d be using it, but it’s important to avoid ones that feel too empty as well as ones that feel almost as hard as some types of foam.

  1. Choosing the right down

Downs are the fillers used in comforters in order to provide the softness, warmth, and insulation that everyone expects from comforters. Some of the best Cuddle Duds options are usually filled with delicate downs from goose. But there are also other options to go by such as downs from ducks. For the most part, goose downs are considered as the more comfortable option, yet also the more expensive one. However, there are some kinds of ducks that have downs that rival the feel of goose downs. For buyers who prefer to lie on a comforter without any animal products inside, synthetic options do exist such as the rayon-polyester version. The noticeable difference in comfort and warmth between fowl downs and synthetic might feel a bit off. But it’s a good compromise especially since synthetic ones are notably cheaper.

  1. Design

This is usually a given. But some people tend to forget the fact that design matters a lot in terms of feeling comfortable. There’s a good reason why a clean room helps in reducing stress. And buying a comforter that matches the bedroom’s theme is definitely a must. When in doubt, it might be better to ask for the opinion of a friend who has a good eye for design.

  1. Brand

Going for the most popular brand isn’t the point. What matters is going for brands that are reputable and have good reviews, which are conveniently found all over the Internet. These days, branding is not merely focused on ad exposure but also has a lot of heft on actually delivering its promise of quality. Mainly because any irked buyer can go on the web and put up a scathing review or two.

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