What to Look for When Buying a Vanity Mirror

Putting on makeup takes a lot of effort. Even those who have been doing it for years every single morning still consider it as something that requires a lot of time and effort as they get ready for the day ahead. Some people would consider this a futile action, but the truth is that putting on make-up improves the perception of other people. Yes, it might be said that society puts a lot of heft on appearances, but that’s just the plain truth. To make things easier, it’s important to find a good vanity mirror in order to reduce the effort and time needed to put on make-up on a daily basis.


On the other hand, needless it is to say that not all vanity mirrors are created equal. There are some that are created as a plain mirror and are added with features just as an afterthought. In order to avoid these sorry excuses of a vanity mirror, it’s important to take some things into consideration before buying one.


There are several things that separate a real vanity make-up mirror from a regular mirror propped on a generic dresser. One of these distinctions is the lighting. Choosing the appropriate lighting for a vanity table mirror is an important determining factor. For one, a lot of people have absolutely no clue that yellow lights are to be avoided. The reason for this is that yellow light can be too forgiving that it makes slightly and even badly botched make-up to still look good. Simply put, it does not represent the usual, natural lighting that a person is exposed to for the most part of their day. Instead, mirrors that have white lighting should be opted for, preferably, ones with LED as the lighting of choice. This is for numerous, and at this point in time, quite obvious advantages of LED over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. It doesn’t become hot enough to be noticeable. It is brighter while using considerably less energy to do so. Fluorescent lights can still be a viable option. But really, with LEDs around, it’s pretty apparent what lighting option is the most practical. In the case of incandescent bulbs, well, they’re not worth looking into. They have yellowish tints and can get hot enough to compromise the make-up’s texture and consistency.


The shape of the mirror used in vanity tables also matters a lot. Mirrors that are meant for putting on make-up shouldn’t be the same as regular mirrors with flat surfaces. Instead, it should be slightly concave. This is because mirrors with a concave shape show more of the faces when it is close enough. It allows easier application of makeup on the sides of the face. Also, check out if the vanity mirror has magnification options. No, this isn’t something that is adjustable through a knob but is simply done by swiveling the mirror and using the other side. one being normal magnification, the other one providing a close-up view.


It’s also highly recommended to read up on detailed guides such as http://dreammakeupmirror.com/5-qas-before-buying-a-hollywood-vanity-table-w to fully grasp what makes a good vanity mirror.

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