Tricks for Easier Shroom Digestion

Are you having trouble digesting magic mushrooms? If yes, here’s the answer to your problem! Find out the tricks on how to enjoy your shrooms without suffering from indigestion.

Magic mushroom is nothing new. It has been around for so long; however, its potential therapeutic benefits were only be revealed one by one recently. Due to the unveiling of its potential medicinal properties, shrooms gained popularity over recreational users and people looking for possible medications for psychological disorders. 

Study after study shows that psilocybin in magic mushrooms is an effective antidepressant. It rivals the effect of LSD and Lexapro, which are two commonly known antidepressants. The psilocybin in shrooms is a hallucinogenic compound. It allows the body to feel relaxed. Also, it proves effective in controlling and combatting psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depressions, and PTSD. 

The ability of shrooms to rebalance the brain and improve physical performance is perhaps one of the reasons for your interest in the substance. But there is one thing you must know; every person has a different reaction towards shrooms. Some have low tolerance towards the substance, whereas others experience indigestion the first time they took magic mushrooms. 

Indigestion is a common body reaction if you have never consumed the substance before. But here is the good thing; there’s a solution to keeping your stomach happy after taking magic mushrooms. Learn more about it below.

Go for Dried Shrooms Instead of Fresh Ones

Many experience difficulty digesting fresh magic mushrooms. Moreover, some don’t have the stomach for its rubbery texture and strong earthy flavor. If the flavor and texture of the shroom are not to your liking, there are other options you can pick from. One way to consume shrooms is by drying them.

Drying is a traditional method of preserving fresh food. It extends the lifespan of food for easier storage and longer consumption. And it also proves true to magic mushrooms. 

Dried shrooms can last up to several months, especially when stored correctly. Since it is dried, it no longer possesses a rubbery texture and earthy taste. It tastes plain and easier to consume. 

Likewise, dried shroom is widely accessible. You can buy dried magic mushrooms online and at physical distributors.

Shroom Tea
You can make shrooms into tea. It is easier to digest and tastes good when added with other ingredients such as honey, ginger, frozen fruit, and yogurt. All you have to do is look for dried shrooms and turn them into powder. You can also find powdered shrooms online.

Shroom Capsules
If you don’t have the time to make tea, a better option to take shrooms without experiencing its earthy taste is by taking shroom capsules. Another benefit of shroom capsules is that they are discreet. You can bring them when traveling and take them anytime. You can buy shroom capsules at reliable online distributors.

Add Shroom to Your Meal Today, shroom distributors also sell shroom edibles. This route is perhaps the most enjoyable. If you get tired of shroom edibles, then try adding them to your meal. 
The web offers countless shroom recipes, from simple to fancy food. In this way, you can enjoy consuming shrooms better and different every day.

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