The Best High Chair For Travelling With Infants

Travelling with an infant can be a huge struggle. You have to make sure that all of your baby’s needs are tended to and consequently you need to have a complete baby necessities kit which can be a daunting task because one must weigh the importance and convenience of the items to bring. Travelling with an infant might be a big risk, but the memories shared cannot be replaced by any other treasures. 

Among all of the infant travel necessities, one can argue that a portable high chair ranks high on the importance scale when travelling. Some might wonder why. So here in this article will be a brief answer to why one must invest in portable high chair and why this is ranks high on the importance scale when travelling.

1. Safety

Anyone that has handled feeding infants before knows how much of a task it is. Babies can be very moody and picky with food during meals so it’s not uncommon for them to thrash around in their chairs or for them to be overwhelmed with curiosity with the world around them and crawling off to satisfy their curiosity. Thus we want our bouncing bundle of joy securely fastened to a baby chair so he wouldn’t fall off a regular chair or attempt to wander around.

2. Availability

Did you know that in some countries restaurants are not required by law to have a baby high chair? Having one on hand is certainly a lifesaver especially when travelling or when you choose to dine in your hotel or Airbnb instead. Rather than causing a scene in a foreign country’s restaurant for not having a baby high chair, it would be best to bring one instead.

3. Cleanliness

In an article written by Jane Lundon in RSVP live there was a research conducted around 30 different restaurants and they were astonished to discover that the average baby high chair contained more bacteria than the average public toilet. This is most likely because some restaurants tend to get very busy or are even understaffed that small details such as thorough cleaning of infant seats are overlooked. Knowing the tendency of babies to just grab random things and put it in their mouth, it could spell disaster as an infant’s immune system is still weak and developing. Rather than having your baby exposed to a cesspool of bacteria found in restaurant baby chairs, a wise parent would bring and clean their own portable infant high chair.

Now after knowing all of these, one might become overwhelmed by the vast variety of choices available on the market for portable infant high chairs. In wanderluststorytellers.com, you will find the best travel high chair in the market today. Here, you will find them broken down into categories from price range, to chair type, portability, durability, and all the good stuff a wise buyer would look into before purchasing. There is no need to be afraid and stress out if one wants to travel with their infants, as there are countless of things one can do to make it possible.

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