Six Super Bowl Replica Championship Rings to Collect for Steelers Fan

The Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the well-respect teams in the American Football. The team is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers have a long history in the National Football League (NFL). The team was established 85 years ago on July 8, 1933.

Since their first Super Bowl game, the Steelers won six titles. For a Steelers fan at heart, you probably have mementos from the championships they won. These game souvenirs might include a poster with the whole team’s picture, a football, a jersey of the team or a ticket of the game.

Do you know that you can have a better memento for the true Steelers fan?

As you already know, Super Bowl championship rings are awarded to the members of the winning team since there is only one trophy. A genuine Super Bowl championship ring is encrusted with diamonds and the band is made from gold. The ring has the Super Bowl season number in Roman Numerals. Along with it is the team’s logo.

Having a collection of Steelers championship ring replicas is a wonderful addition to your mementos. If you want to expand your collection, here are the six Super Bowl rings you should find.

1974- 1975 Super Bowl IX

The name of the team appears on the top and bottom of the ring’s face. The year 1975 is engraved on the sides, the numbers 19 and 75 separated on each side. The gloss black center of the ring has a large diamond imitation.

1975-1976 Super Bowl X

The word “Pittsburgh” is located at the top of the ring while “Steelers” is at the bottom. Below the name of the team, the “World Champions” is engraved. The year 1975 is separated from left and right sides. The face of the ring has the Super Bowl trophy engraved in gold. Also, two large diamond-like crystals are located at the sided of the trophy.

1978- 1979 Super Bowl XIII

The words “Pittsburgh Steelers, World Champions” are raised in gold letters surrounding the ring’s face. The center of the ring features diamond-like crystals with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo popping out.

1979-1980 Super Bowl XIV

The name Pittsburgh, World Champions are engraved on the ring’s face with the date 1979. The face of the ring has featured a black inlay. At the center of the ring is a square encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals.

2005-2006 Super Bowl XL

The team’s name is located across the top and bottom in raised gold. The “World Champions” are engraved in gold. The center of the ring has a gloss black inlay with five Super Bowl trophies. The trophies are in encrusted in cubic zirconia.

2008-2009 Super Bowl XLIII

The ring has an oval-shaped face which is covered in faux diamond crystals. Six larger sized cubic zirconia are lining on each side of smaller faux crystals. At the center of the ring is the Steelers logo in raised gold.

Do you want one of these Super Bowl replica rings?

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