Sarcopenia with Aging: Defined, Causes, and Treatment

When you’re over 50, you don’t feel as strong as when you were younger. You easily get tired and performing physical activities, even household chores, is more taxing. Moreover, you will notice that your muscles are less prominent than before. This age-related muscle loss is called sarcopenia.

What is Sarcopenia? 

Sarcopenia is the decline of skeletal muscle tissue due to aging. It is often the cause of the functional decline and loss of independence among seniors. Sarcopenia happens faster at the age of 75. However, some older adults develop this condition in their 60’s and sometimes at their 50’s.

What Causes Sarcopenia? 

Muscle loss is a consequence of neurological signal imbalance. These are catabolic responses and anabolic response. The former sends a signal to reduce muscle size. Meanwhile, the latter sends a signal to build and grow muscles. In the case of muscle loss ailment, like sarcopenia, the catabolic response is stronger. As a result, the body builds lesser muscles, which can drastically affect the physical functionality of a person. 

The neurological signal imbalance in the body is only one factor that influences sarcopenia. Other factors can also contribute to this condition.

  • Lower Concentration of Hormones

Poor levels of growth hormone can lead to sarcopenia. Likewise, a lower concentration of testosterone (male hormone) encourages this condition. 

  • Low Protein

Protein is a macronutrient that the body needs to build muscle and sustain muscle mass. It supports tissue repair and growth of new muscles. With low protein levels, the body has not enough support to rebuild and create muscle tissues. 

  • Lack of Physical Activities

Regular exercise is essential in building muscles. When you perform physical activities, the muscles are put in to use, causing some of the muscle tissues to break. When muscle tissue breaks from physical exertion, the body tries to repair and create new muscles. That is how muscles are built and how you can bulk-up.

What are the Treatments for Sarcopenia? 

Sarcopenia is the number cause of frailty in older adults. It is why seniors are prone to accidents like falling. Additionally, sarcopenia is also the reason why seniors find it more difficult to perform activities even the simplest ones. 

Sarcopenia with aging is manageable. If you have this condition, below are the primary treatments you can use to stop it from affecting your day-to-day living.

  • Create an Exercise Plan

Regular exercise will help your body to build new muscles. However, be careful in selecting an exercise regime. Consult a professional who can help you find the best exercise that is suitable for your current condition. 

  • Take Testosterone and Growth Hormone Supplements

If the cause of your sarcopenia is poor testosterone level or lack of growth hormone in the body, the best remedy is by taking supplements. Look for a supplement that enhances the production of these hormones. You can check examples of it here, knowyourhealthproducts.com

  • Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Add more protein to your diet. The best source of protein is lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and milk. 


Sarcopenia is a common age-related ailment for elders. It can cause a loss of independence in older adults and drastically affect their quality of life. Thus, if you are living with sarcopenia, what you can do is learn how to mitigate this problem, and follow the above solutions, as well as the advice of your doctor. 

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