Makita DKP180Z Cordless Planer Review

Makita DKP180Z Cordless Planer Review

A specialized tool powerful enough to cut up to 2mm depth per pass and an adjustment depth in 0.1mm increment in a piece of work. This is an electric planner tool that comes from a reputable manufacturer of powerful tools from the house of Makita.  It is a leading product from cordless with the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries used by the professionals and the DIY enthusiasts.

In depth knowledge of the cordless planner

This gives you the power of a cordless tool as a great solution from the cordless electric planner. It is easy to use bringing a perfect combination of convenience and speed. The Makita XPKO1Z 18V LXT Lithium Cordless gives you a quick removal of stock at the level of the highest degree. It is a popular model from the series of 18V Lithium-Ion from the Makita. It is a well- known cordless tool that runs the 18V Lithium Ion battery.

The batteries

They have special batteries that charge fast and are able to work for long. They spent less time while charging giving you an ample time when you start working on your piece of material. It is important for you to read instructions from your manual while using Lithium Ion battery. This manual directs you correctly on how to use the product.

Overcharging your battery of the tool can be raptured. It can also explode or catch fire be careful on any warnings indicated on the tool for safety purposes. If you see any swelling on the battery, signs of overheating or smoke remove it from your charging system immediately.

You should never leave your battery unattended when you set the battery for charging. Make sure you know the progress it is making and always use the recommendable adaptor meant specifically for that tool. Never store your battery under direct sunlight, cold space and on heavy items it may ruin it and will stop working.

The advantages of the Makita DKP180Z

You can use the cordless planner in areas where there is no electricity. This makes it convenient to use in any location especially for the onsite projects. It works quietly without the noise pollution cutting your piece of wood smoothly. It is a cordless planner which gives you the confidence as you work on your wood easily and effectively without hardships.

The tool is highly designed for efficiency while working on any wood work project. It has a battery that works very well after being charged. It can work for long hours without draining itself and the battery takes a short period of time while charging.

The negative side

As you purchase this cordless planer from Makita, it comes without a charger and battery, a dust bag and an edge guide. You will have to purchase these items separately making you to add an additional budget frame.


 This is the best tool to use on your woodwork projects. It saves you sufficient time due to its quick and fast way of cutting your wood work. It is a convenient tool to use and most professionals prefer using it. It works magnificently well leaving your edges with the smoothest texture that is real pleasing.

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