Legendary Marketer 2019: What Exactly You May Get in It?

When you purchase the Legendary Marketer franchise from Dave Sharpe, you will be able to get the whole website, the funnels, sales, email and marketing system. In other words, you will be copying Sharpe’s business model which has sold more than $170M according to them. Dave explain that this business model have 90% rate to achieve success.

The platform attracts lots of subscribers because of its low cost front end product. And once subscribers subscribe he offers premium products and receives small number of opt-ins.

Take note these Pros and Cons form the review of other franchisee using the platform.


When you subscribe to the Legendary Marketer, right away you will be allocating a coach in order you can agree to the business plan. Also, you may unlock the steps for you to get your business goals.  The Legendary Marketer is usually educational platforms that have a step by step business structures that you will follow during the training. Once you have the knowledge already, then you may now implement it to achieve good results you desire.

Moreover, you may get a lot of help to formulate your goals, as well as you will achieve them from your coaches who are helping you also in terms of Upsells.

Dave is legendary motivational speaker. Tony Robins, a successful entrepreneur also says that to achieve the success you should look for someone who has achieved results to motivate you and copy what they do.

The Disadvantage:

You have all the necessary trainings and materials however, the system is not flexible. Meaning when you buy Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer, you will just buying the business model – just the way it is! You have no options to improve or innovate on your own ways. It says that, “as long as Dave’s system is successful then you will share that success.”

Are they providing you trainings?

Yes, they will send you a weekly training webinars available and you can see one which is presented by Larry Beachum.

The training is quite specific where the explanation sort of motivating the need to achieve $5 thousand of dollars per month using the platform. Beachum claims that 90% of the work is already done by Legendary Marketer for the subscribers. And only 10% you have to work on to achieve more sales.

What franchisers have to do is to drive more traffic to the landing page by providing the affiliate lin. He explains also that there are 32 ways which subscribers can drive traffic to the achieve target goals. Every subscribers need to spend just 80% of their time for finding new businesses until you reach your target income goal. Otherwise, you need to spend time on training and other activities available on the platform.

We can’t actually says it is a scam or not since, we haven’t actually tried it for personal and experience. So if in case you are interested you read more about the platform here: https://onlinemarketingsoftware.org/review-of-dave-sharpes-legendary-marketer-2019/         

Please share us your experience using the platform as well!

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