How to Install a Car Amplifier from Start to Finish

You obviously know how irritating distorted sounds can be when listening to a music from an audio device. The best solution to this problem is installing the right amplifier that will improve the audio system in your car. It is advisable to seek professional help when installing an amplifier you can also DIY with the help of a car amplifier installation guide. Here are some steps that you can follow when installing an amplifier in your car.

You should first find the right location for installing your speaker. It is recommendable that you place you amplifier at a distance that is not further than the stereo. This will help in minimizing the amount of interference produced when these two components are in use. You should also make sure that the place that you want to install your amplifier is properly ventilated. Most car audio enthusiasts prefer placing the amplifier under the front seats or in the rear cargo area so as to maximize on the ventilation issue. You should go for the one that suits your personal preference.

There is no way the car amplifier installation process will be effective without using the right tools. It is therefore essential that you get an amplifier wiring kit before you begin this process. You will also be required to arm yourself with other tools like wireless drill, digital multi meter, wire strippers, panel removal tools such as screw drivers. It is advisable that you have a look at websites that are comparing 5 channel amps for to get the best one.

You can now start the car amplifier installation process. You should first disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery so as to protect yourself from being electrocuted. Connect the positive terminal to the power cable of the battery. Make sure that the fuse holder is not connected to the fuse without a ring terminal.

You should then drill a hole in the fire wall of the car using a wireless drill. Make sure that the hole that you drill is at least 4 inches away from the main harness of the car. You can now slide the grommet that matches size of the wires you have into the hole that you have drilled. It advisable that you run the grommet through the firewall hole and under your carpeting along the edge before resting it beside your amplifier.

Now set up the signal cable of your amplifier carefully. The best way to do this is by running the cable behind the empty stereo head compartment under the carpeting to the amplifier. Connect the turn on wire to the signal cable and receiver back to the stereo’s receiver. You can then connect the grounding cables by securing an end using a ring on the chassis of the car and attaching the other end to a spot on the amplifier.

The next step that you should take is connecting the car speakers to the amplifier. You should use high quality speaker wires for you get the best quality of sound. Once you are done with connecting the speakers you should mount the amplifier using the self-tapping screws and attach the power cable to your amplifier. You can now start enjoying your music.

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