Everything You Should Know about Shoes for Surgeons

Surgeons have very busy work schedules, with sifts that can get prolonged to more than 15 hours straight. They go into surgery and run around the hospital visiting patients and taking care of urgent cases so the strain on their feet is huge. It is very important for a surgeon to at least feel comfortable in his or her shoes during difficult shoes. However, finding the right ones is not as easy as it seems. Of course, specialized companies claim to sell the best surgeon and nursing shoes that can be found on the market. The reality is that some are much better than others. So, how can you find the right ones, the ones that will truly make you feel comfortable, protect your feet and protect you from unwanted accidents? It is quite simple: you just have to check out the list below to find out more about the features that you should verify before you buy a pair of shoes. Here it is:

1. Size. This is perhaps one of the most important features to consider when you buy a pair of shoes for doctors. Don’t buy online because even if you opt for the right size, you might realize that they don’t fit. Always opt for buying a pair of shoes from a physical store so you can try them on.

2. Breathability. Opt for a design that doesn’t make your feet feel like they are too snug inside the shoe. A mesh design, combined with a breathable material is the best choice that you can make.

3. Support and protection. These two features are simply paramount to the quality of a pair of shoes for surgeons and nurses. Hospital rooms are filled with many dangerous objects, most of them very sharp, as well as with all sorts of fluids. Proper protection is vital given these conditions so the shoes that a surgeon chooses must be comfortable but also strong and thick. Water-resistant, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant are features that are not allowed to miss from a pair of shoes that are specially designed for surgeons.

4. Durability. This is not something that you can check out in the physical store during a shopping session. You can only find out whether or not a pair of surgeon shoes is durable after reading the feedback provided by specialists who already tried them. This being said, we recommend you to do some online research before you go into a physical store to shop for shoes for surgeons. Having this information right from the beginning will keep you away from the pairs of shoes that look good and seem to meet all the requirements but that don’t do this.

We know that it can be complicated to select the right pair of nursing shoes or shoes for surgeons. However, the internet is packed with tips and tricks and you can also use short guides to help you wisely invest your money so do some research as it is going to be useful. 

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