Top Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Wine Cooler Bag

As a wine lover, do you need to own a cooler bag? Is a portable wine cooler bag worth it? How do you choose the best when there are several options? Learn about it here.

Portable wine cooler bags are convenient to use. It allows you to bring, not just one, but 3 or more bottles of wine (depending on the model) anywhere you are plan to bring them. 

If you are now taking interest in purchasing a portable wine cooler bag, here are a few frequently asked questions that can help you understand more about portable wine cooler bags.

FAQ #1: What makes a worthy-to-purchase portable wine cooler bag?

A worth-to-purchase portable wine cooler bag is built with some of the following features:

  • Built with enough space and size
  • Built with layers of premium cushions
  • Built with quality straps and handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for adjustable portable wine cooler bag
  • Can keep your wine cool for hours
  • Well-built with insulation
  • Durable
  • Outstanding design

If you are to choose a portable wine cooler bag, you may use the following features as your guide. Also, you may get additional details about the best cooler bags today at Filled With Wine.

FAQ #2: Do you need to purchase the best wine cooler bag? Can’t it be just any bag?

Wines are sensitive to several environmental elements including, light, heat, vibration, and humidity, especially red wines. Thus, to keep the wine’s taste and texture in its good form, you need to consider buying a quality wine cooler bag, even if you find one that is a bit expensive. 

Gladly, there are less expensive wine cooler bags out there that are made from quality materials. However, to ensure you are buying the best, try reading customer and product reviews and find out if it is worth purchasing.

FAQ #3: How big do you need your wine cooler?

There are wine cooler bags that are big enough to hold up to 12 bottles of wine. And if you are having an outdoor party with your family and several friends, a 12-bottle-cooler bag is the right choice. However, if you are planning to have a picnic, you may use a cooler bag that can hold up to 9 bottles or less.

FAQ #4: Do you need a specific portable wine cooler bag for red wine?

To keep the wine’s taste, red wine should be in a container with a temperature between 55 – 65-degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are a red wine lover, you need the right portable wine cooler bag that can accommodate the red wine’s needs.

FAQ #5: What is the best storage temperature for wine?

If you own light dry white, rose wines and sparkling drinks or wine, these should be stored inside a 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit room or container. Meanwhile, light red and full-bodied white wines should be in storage with a 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit room or a container. Lastly, red wines should be kept inside a container or room with 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Destructive Editing: Defined and How to Avoid It

If you’ve started learning more about image editing using photoshop, chances are you heard the term destructive editing here and there. But what does it mean? Find out more details about it right here. 

No doubt you’re familiar with the lasso, magic wand tool, and eraser. These are common editing tools in Photoshop online or software. While these image editing tools help manipulate and correct photos, these can also destroy the project. This is what professional designers call destructive editing. 

What is Destructive Editing? 

The term destructive editing does not mean destroying the whole image. It refers to the way of manipulation of pixels of the digital image. Take note that photoshop can only save much. These direct edits become permanent. Hence, you’re unable to get them back. If there are mistakes in the pixels, the image will look awkward and terrible. 

When you do destructive editing, you’ll have to go back from square one. The time and effort you spent working on the image are wasted. It is what makes destructive editing a nightmare for many designers. 

How to Avoid Destructive Editing? 

Destructive editing only happens when you choose image editing tools that are destructive. The key is to avoid these tools and look for options that will allow you to edit images without destroying them. 

Non-destructive editing is making edits in an image without changing the pixels within the digital photo. There are PC-installed Photoshop software and online that creates a new file linked to the digital image. The new file, also known as the sidecar file, is a text file. The photoshop application will make changes to the original photo and provides a real-time preview of the edits. This feature makes it easier for designers to find out what to manipulate in the image. 

The edited version of the image is saved on photoshop’s program. Hence, you’ll have two copies; the edited and the original one. Non-destructive editing also enables the designer to reset the original image and delete certain instructions. 

In this manner, you can edit the images and go back from their original state without destroying the digital photograph. 

There are specific tools in a photoshop application that does non-destructive editing. These tools are called adjustment layers. 

What are Adjustment Layers? 

The adjustment layers in photoshop are a set of image editing tools that supports non-destructive editing. These tools allow the designer to alter the tonal value, saturation, brightness, levels, exposure, and curves of an image without destroying its pixels. 

A new layer will appear when you do an adjustment on the digital image using adjustment layers. The software saves the new adjustment while keeping the original one at the same time. This feature helps you check modification and whether to continue the changes. 

Adjustment layers are found in most downloadable photoshop software and photoshop online as well. If you don’t have software, you can look for free image editing tools online. 

Online Photoshop requires no downloading of software, and it is free. They also offer premium services to allow designers to enjoy more features. Online photoshop is the best option for amateurs and even professionals who need quick adjustments on their projects. 

A Guide for Beginners on Troubleshooting Car Amplifier

Is your car amp not working properly? Find out how to diagnose your car amplifier right here. 

Car amp optimizes the sonic performance of an automotive audio system. It is the reason why some car audio system has clear and crisp sounds. If you have never dared to install a car amp, you should.
Any sound equipment wears down over time, including car amplifiers. Take note that even a good quality car amplifier can have problems, including distortions in the sound and failure to power on. However, it does not mean that these issues can’t be fixed. Below are the most common car amp problems and a comprehensive guide on how to fix them.

1 It Doesn’t Power On

If the car amp doesn’t power on, the first thing you need to do is check the voltage on the power wires. Make sure that the voltage on power wires remains at 12 volts when the vehicle is off and around 14.4 when on. If there is nothing wrong with the power wires, check the voltage on the remote turn-on wire. The voltage at the remote turn-on wire should be at least 5 volts. 
If the voltmeter shows both wiring system has the correct voltage, try to check the in-line fuse and the amp fuse. These two should measure about 12 volts. And if one of them blows, you’ll have to replace the damaged fuse. 
One of the common reasons why a car amp doesn’t power on is because of the issues on the ground wire continuity. Thus, take time to diagnose your car’s ground wire continuity. If there is a poor connection, or one of the wires isn’t connected, you should secure the connection.

2 When Protect Light Stays On

Begin by troubleshooting the wiring voltage and continuity similar to the steps on how to check when the amp has no power, and then unplug the speaker wires. 
If the protect light turns off after unplugging the speaker wires, one of the wires may be poorly connected or touching a metal that results in short-circuiting of speakers. 
Also, inspect the RCA cables. A grounded and burnt RCA cable can contribute to this problem. If one of the RCA cables is damaged, you’ll have to replace it.

3 If the Car Amp is Clipping

Clipping is the term used to identify a type of sound distortion. It occurs when the amplifier ‘clips’ the audio waveform. It is an indicator that the amp is overworked by one of the speakers or subwoofer. Chances are the amp can’t provide enough power, which consequences the sound distortion. 
There are only two solutions to this problem. You have to either upgrade your car amp to match the power of the speakers or downgrade the speaker system. Experts always suggest buyers choose car amps that match the current speaker system of the automotive.

4 The Car Amp has No Sound

Inspect if the speaker system is turned on and increase the head unit volume. Power on the amp and check if all the speakers produce sound. If no sound is coming out of one of the inputs, the problem is on the head unit and not the amplifier. 

If there is still no sound from the amp, disconnect the speakers and try other speakers. If it works fine, then replace the damaged speaker.

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Interested in digital marketing? Check this new marketing tactic right here. 

Competing with big brands and established companies is close to impossible for new businesses. It is hard to attain market visibility when most customers prefer well-known brands. However, over the years, technology changed the game for small business owners. The digital revolution provided new entrepreneurs massive opportunities in the industry. 

The dawn of the internet gave birth to a new marketing strategy that has become the edge of small and growing companies. It is called digital marketing. 

A Talk on Marketing

First, it is important to understand marketing. It refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote the buying and selling of its goods. These activities include advertising, selling, and delivering products and services to customers. 

Marketing strategies, on the other hand, pertain to the overall game plan of the business. It is a set of plans that the company utilizes to optimize scarce resources to reach marketing objectives, from advertising the goods to delivery, and gaining consumers. Inasmuch, marketing strategies form part of a company’s marketing plan. 

There are various types of marketing strategies. But among these options the most popular these days is digital marketing. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing activities that center on utilizing an electronic device and the internet. These include social media, email, websites, and other similar media. 

Today, most companies utilize digital marketing strategies due to their convenience, affordability, and ability to reach a larger audience. Hence, it is more cost-effective than ads on television, radio programs, and handing out flyers. Likewise, most customers nowadays use the internet and social media platforms to look for products and services. One example of it is online shopping or e-commerce.

Why Digital Marketing? 

One of the obvious reasons why many prefer digital marketing is its affordability and high results. Also, it allows you to target prospective market segments, unlike using TV ads where you can’t control the demographics of the ads. 

Digital marketing targets a specific audience. Therefore, there are higher chances of gaining more customers and sales in using this method. 

When you have limited resources, digital marketing is the best option. The upfront cost of online marketing is lesser compared to traditional marketing techniques. Most importantly, it allows you to have an edge over rival companies.

How to Get Started? 

The basics of digital marketing are easy to understand. You can look for online tutorials to help you get started with this marketing method. Also, there are marketing gurus out there that teach beginners in the business. For instance, start reading The 60 Minute Startup by Ramesh Dontha, is a serial entrepreneur known for his expertise in digital marketing. 

If you are planning to use this marketing strategy, make sure to pick out the best digital marketing activities for your business. An essential and highly suggested choice for new companies is creating a website and using SEO tools. These digital marketing techniques are effective in gaining customer attention and boosting online visibility. But before you delve deeper, analyze your business, and learn its weaknesses and strengths to help you choose a digital marketing tactic.

Buyer’s Guide: Key Features of 18650 Flashlights that You Should Look for

Are you planning to purchase a tactical flashlight? You should consider an18650 flashlight. However, since there are a lot of options available, you should have some guide on which 18650 flashlight is worth purchasing. To find out, you should continue reading this.

One of the best and brightest flashlights today is the 18650 models. These flashlights are designed with 18650 batteries – large and robust batteries – that can provide power twice the run time of standard flashlight batteries.

If you are currently looking for 18650 flashlight that is worth purchasing but having a hard time doing so, here are some key features of the best 18650 flashlights that you should look for:

#1: Designed with adjustable modes

Flashlights with adjustable modes are very useful. Either you use an EDC (every day carry) or a tactical flashlight, you should consider buying a 18650 flashlight with adjustable modes. However, you should take note that every 18650 flashlights are designed uniquely. This means some flashlights may have 1-2 modes (wide and focus illumination), while others may have 3-5 modes (wide, medium, and focus illumination, and strobe mode that can be used to disorient someone when in threat).

#2: Dual-fuel capable

Dual-fuel capability is one of the best features to look for when looking for a reliable 18650 flashlight. This feature will allow you to use two CR123a or AA batteries when your 18650 battery dies and you can’t get to your charger.  

#3: Water-resistant

Are you planning to use your 18650 flashlights for camping or at a tactical range? If yes, you should look for a 18650 torch that is highly water-resistant. It must be durable and robust when brought to a wet and humid place and under rainy weather.

To find out if the 18650 flashlight is highly weather or water-proof, try to check its water-resistant ratings or you could start reading reliable posts and reviews on various brands of 18650 flashlights.

#4: Quality lumen output

Some LED flashlights are also classified according to the lumen output. There are flashlights with minimum illumination, while others are powerful and are brightest. For standard lighting, you can choose a 18650 flashlight with 1,200 lumens. However, if you are looking for a tactical flashlight that can easily blind and confuse an attacker, you should choose a 18650 flashlight with over 2,200 lumens.

#5: Zoom and focus

To maximize a flashlight’s usage, you should also consider looking for a 18650 torch with zoom and focus, which will allow you to expand or narrow the light beam, which is excellent for trail and tracking.
Other Notable Features to Look For

There are more features of the best 18650 that are worth noting; these features may include:

  • Longer battery life
  • Rechargeable
  • Built with quality and durability
  • Designed with magnetic positioning base
  • Firearm Picatinny Rail Attachment (ideal match for combat rifles and pistols)
  • Safe from explosion

Lastly, before purchasing a 18650 flashlight, make sure to read reliable posts and product reviews and find out if the torch is worth your money.

Ingredients Popular in Korean Anti Aging Products

More and more people who want to fight against aging signs using creams and serums turn their attention to Korean products. If you are wondering why they are looking for Korean anti-aging products, the answer is simple: they proved to be effective. Lots of research has been done on Korean products designed to fight against aging signs, and the results are remarkable. What experts noticed is that there are a few ingredients contained in these products, ingredients that you rarely find in anti-aging serums and creams produced in other countries. Here are some of the most popular ingredients found in Korean anti-aging products.

1. Snail mucin. It is one of the most potent ingredients found in Korean skincare products. Of course, it is one of the most unusual ingredients contained by these creams and serums. It sounds a little gross but it contains lots of natural peptides that boost the natural production of collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for slowing down the aging process.

2. Ceramides. These are useful for maintaining a good moisture level in your skin. One of their main roles is to protect the skin from dryness and irritation. Ceramides are natural lipids. They naturally occur in the epidermis of the skin, being part of its protective barrier. The production of ceramides declines as we get older, so the fact that you use a cream that contains them as ingredients slows down the aging process.

3. Green tea extract. IT is a popular anti-aging ingredient because it is very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants slow down the loss of elasticity, the occurrence of wrinkles, and the free-radical damage that appears as you age.

4. Licorice root extract. This ingredient has an amazing ability to brighten the skin. Since it is gentle and effective, it is commonly used in Korean anti-aging products. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation that appeared as a result of sun damage or acne, search for creams that contain licorice root extract. You will get rid of your problems in a short period.

5. Ginseng. It is another popular ingredient used in Korean creams and serums that fight against aging. It is rich in B-vitamins and highly effective at de-puffing and brightening the skin. If you have fine lines, it helps to smooth them away. This ingredient is super gentle, so you can also use it for dark circles around the eyes.

You now have a clearer idea about some of the most popular ingredients found in Korean anti-aging products. Look for them and incorporate them into your routine, based on your skin type and individual needs, and enjoy their effects. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, lots of people have already turned their attention to the Korean market for anti-aging products and they are happy with the results. Follow their example and learn how to fight against the signs of aging. Your skin can look young and healthy for a long time, as long as you offer it the necessary helping hand.

Subwoofer Buying Guide: Top Factors to Consider

Upgrading your home theater experience requires the best subwoofer, but which type of subwoofer should you purchase?

Subwoofers can improve the audio system’s performance; it can expand your home theater’s sound spectrum. And even if your home theater features more than 6 speakers, it still requires a subwoofer to provide that impressive low-end sound or quality-rattling rumble sound when watching movies. But which subwoofer is best for your home theater?

If you are planning to purchase a subwoofer and it is your first time to do so, here the top factors to consider when buying a subwoofer:

#1: The Subwoofer Size

Subwoofers come in different sizes, and the first thing you need to do when buying a subwoofer is finding the right size that can fit the home theater’s area – the larger the surface area, the bigger subwoofer it requires to energize all the air space. For instance, if you are equipping a home theater at an average-size room (150-230 square feet), it makes sense to choose a subwoofer with a 12-inch driver. However, note that two 6-inch drivers will not make a 12-inch, but will perform a single 6-inch driver.

Meanwhile, for a small-sized room (below 150 square feet) it may require an 8-inch subwoofer, and below, as well as if your driver and cabinet size is small, it makes sense to purchase an 8-inch subwoofer. If you are worried about how an 8-inch subwoofer will perform, try to read a well-researched review about the best 8-inch subwoofers in the market today.

#2: The Wattage, the RMS, and the Peak

Do look for a subwoofer that can improve the sound quality of your bass because all subwoofers are designed to boost the low-end sound that your bass produces, instead, check the sub’s power output before purchasing any brand.

Generally speaking, a high-powered sub can produce a more powerful and better impact on low-end sound than a low-powered subwoofer. However, not all low-powered subwoofers are unable to produce quality bass similar to a high-powered one. For instance, a 1000-watt subwoofer does not have to play better than a 100-watt subwoofer. In fact, there are 100-watt subwoofers that play better than 1000-watt subwoofers; likewise, a 1000-watt subwoofer can play better at a ‘regular’ room volume than a 100-watt subwoofer.

Instead, pay attention to the subwoofer’s continuous wattage or RMS rating (Root Mean Square). It is the measurement of how much power a subwoofer has when driven into a reasonable volume for too long. For instance, a subwoofer with 150 RMS watts is considered a powerful subwoofer.

Additionally, always keep in mind that the overall wattage of the subwoofer is not equal to the volume of the low-end sound.

#3: The Equalizer (EQ)

Choose a subwoofer with EQ processing; this will help you minimize the peaks and frequency response. Although setting the equalizer does not fill in the gap, it will allow you to boost frequencies that are hard to hear.

#4: Budget

How much are you willing to pay for a subwoofer?

If you are ready to pay more for a quality sound, there are quality-made subwoofers, equipped with quality features that are worth purchasing. However, try reading reliable and unbiased product reviews first and see if it is the right subwoofer that you need.

How to Fix Flickering Automotive LED Lights and Bulbs that Keeps Blowing Out

Flickering car LED lights and bulbs that keep blowing are two common automotive lighting problems. If your car is in such a condition, learn how to fix it DIY. 

Faulty automotive lighting seems not a serious issue compared to a damaged car engine. Though it is a common and simple car problem, a faulty light brings inconvenience and trouble. For example, driving with one burned-out bulb in the headlamp is unsafe. It increases your risk of accidents. 

The most common automotive lighting problem is flickering and burned-out bulbs. This problem stems from different roots. It might be due to a bad bulb, a loose wiring connection, bad ground, corrosion, or a failed switch.

If your car has the same problem, worry not. A flickering and burned-out LED car light is easy to fix. Various online sources, like this one; https://www.ineedbrightlights.com/why-car-led-lights-glow-when-switched-off/ will teach you how to troubleshoot and fix common car lighting issues. 

Flickering LED Lights

Flickering bulbs are not only annoying. It could also do more damage when left unfixed. There is only one reason for flickering lights, and that is a loose wire connection.

How to Fix It? 

When dealing with a car’s wiring, always take caution. The last thing you would want is to get electrocuted while fixing your car’s bulb. Wear gloves and do not touch the wirings, nor do anything with the car if the engine is running. Also, make sure the car has cooled down before touching its wirings. 

Consult your car’s repair manual. Look for the vehicle’s wiring diagram and study it. The manual will direct you to the correct wire connecting the headlight’s bulb. Once you found it troubleshoot the connection. 

If one of the bulbs in the circuit flickers, check the wirings for that bulb. But if all of the lights in the circuit flicker, there is a high chance that the problem is on the ground source and not the wire. 

For this issue, all you have to do is tighten the loose wire. After doing so, check the lights again. If it still flickers, redo the process. But what if the same happens? The problem could be on the breaker due to a short circuit. You will need professional help with this type of problem.

Burned-Out LED Bulbs

A bulb that keeps blowing out is a common car lighting problem. Albeit it is not a serious car issue, it will cost you money since you keep on buying new bulbs to replace the burned-out ones every single time.

How to Fix It? 

Water stuck on the assembly and electrical short are typical causes of burned-out bulbs. 

This problem is easy to fix. Check the assembly if there’s water on the bottom of the light housing. The water usually enters the light housing through cracks on the headlamp. Drain out the water and replace the assembly. If the headlamp has cracks, it is best to replace it or have it sealed. 

If the reason for the bulbs burning out is electrically short, you can fix it by yourself. However, if you don’t have any idea how to fix a short circuit, ask for help from a professional.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Self Journal for this Year 2021

Starting your year with clear intention by writing them down in a self-intention journal is one way to keep your goals organized throughout the year. And to find the perfect self-journal for 2021, check this now.

Was your 2020 planner a waste? Probably everybody’s planner was; with all the things that have happened the entire year, living healthily and with contentment is already a great blessing.

This 2021, wouldn’t it be nice to own a self-intention journal alongside a 2021 daily planner? Writing your clear intentions this 2021will inspire you to take actions that are aligned with the things you want to attract into your life this coming year, as well as the following years.

What is the difference between a daily planner and a self-intention journal anyway?

As described earlier, our favorite intention journal is a place where you can write down your daily thoughts and inspiration, while the daily planner is something you can use to track down your day-to-day activities.

If you are planning to purchase an intentional journal for you or someone, here are a few useful tips when choosing the best 2021 best self-intentional journal.

#1: Better writing space

Most of the inputs on self-intention journals do not sound robotic; instead, it is about exploration and visualization of clear goals and intentions.

Writing down your clear daily intentions would never fit on a planner-like journal because most of the planners are less spacious since the goals are simple. So, if you are going to purchase a journal, you need to look for something with better writing space.

Also, you may consider a journal having enough space for monthly, weekly, and daily reflection. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to find a self-intention journal with enough writing spaces for goals, activities, journaling, affirmations, and mind-mapping, you should consider purchasing it then.

#2: Durable

Another factor to consider when purchasing a self-intention journal is its construction. When purchasing a self-intention journal or a planner, make sure to choose one with good construction. Choose a journal or a planner with a durable cover and with its pages should be well-intact.

Also, you may want to consider purchasing a journal with luxurious or smudge-proof paper; it is more inspiring to write something on a journal that does not play cheap when it comes to its paper and construction.

#3: Well-designed

Now, when it comes to design, choose a journal with useful templates that allows you to track your goals, milestones, and even the critical drivers. Also, it is a plus to have a journal with the following additions:

  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Pen loop
  • An elastic closure band or magnetic fasteners will keep the journal secure.
  • Inner pockets for cards or loose notes.
  • Useful stickers

Is it worth it to use a self-intention journal?

A self-intention journal is different from a daily planner; the former helps you take a grasp on clearer goals, while the latter allows you to keep in line with your day-to-day objectives. So, is having a self-intention journal worth it this 2021? Yes, it is; especially, when it is hard to predict what can happen this 2021 when almost all of your daily plans for 2020 have gone to waste.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Security Key this Year

Cyber-attacks are expanding by means of ‘how and how often’. If you think you are safe with two-factor-authentication that is featured on several websites, especially on social sites, think again. Countless of online identity theft and fraudulent activities are being reported every day, even on websites with 2FA. So, get a hold of security keys.

The security key is a USB thumb drive-like device that heightens your safety online. In other words, it is an addition to the usual security authentication procedures on several sites. All you need to do is plug-in the key to your computer while logged into your online accounts. Security keys are programmed to block possible cyber-attacks.

If you are planning to purchase a security key, here are a few tips on how to choose the best:

Tip #1 Choose a security key that supports the new FIDO2 and or the older version of FIDO U2F protocol

FIDO 2 or FIDO U2F protocols are security devices that allow the generation of cryptographic (private and public) key pair; this is to provide a stronger authentication process, enabling the internet user to securely gain access to a couple of online sites using a single security key fast and easy without client software or drivers needed.

Choosing a security key that supports the new version of FIDO2 and its older version, FIDO U2F protocol will give you the ability to leverage in future Web Authentication.

Tip #2 Should be consistent and compatible

Choose a security key that works consistently whenever the user is logging into a different site that requires authentication. Additionally, choose a security key that can work on many operating systems including Android and iOS, as well as, macOS and Windows computers.

Tip #3 Choose security that guarantees strong account security

There is a high risk of account override when you try to log into a public Wi-Fi; however, if you use a well-performing security key, you can be safe signing in to a public Wi-Fi.

Tip # 4 It should be easy to set up

Before you can fully use the security key, you have to set it up first; which includes setting up a backup in case you encounter problems in accessing your accounts and other security key issues. If you are going to purchase a security key, make sure that it is easy to set up.

Tip #5 Offers quality customer support

Setting up a security key and encountering technical troubles, is quite a hassle, especially to individuals who are not into the technical side of computers and devices. A company that offers quality customer assistance is a big help.

Here is a list of the best security keys this year that you should consider purchasing. Also, get more detailed information about the security keys at keylockguide.com.

  • Yubikey 4
  • Google Titan Security Keys
  • The Fido 2 Security Key

Final Thoughts

Is the security key worth purchasing?

Yes; it is.

Even though there are websites that use 2FA (2-Factor Authorization), it is still not a guarantee that you won’t be exposed to account phishing and account overriding. For this reason, heightening your security online using a security key becomes a necessity.