Bad Habits

5 Habits you didn’t know are damaging your neck

Every part of the body ought to receive the same attention as the others. It is shocking to learn that daily routines can impact your neck negatively. Taking a step forward to avoid these habits can do you more good than harm. Some habits like sleeping on your stomach and looking down for long can put your neck in danger. Check this out.

Carrying a heavy bag

If you have carried heavy loads, then you know that carrying a heavy purse or bag around it isn’t easy. Regardless of how appealing the purse may look on you, a bag with a handy strap to throw over your shoulder can damage your neck and your back. Heavy bag with several items is a burden to one shoulder. If you have several items to carry around, consider, getting a backpack that can wear over both shoulders so that the load can be spread as evenly as possible. Also, you should adjust the straps so that it fits comfortably. Not only do carrying heavy things hurts your shoulder and neck, but it also damages your back.

Sleeping on your stomach

You possibly prefer this position for sleeping, but it is not healthy. Sleeping on your stomach hurts the neck as it compels it to be turned to one side and flattens the natural curve of the spine. But you can avoid causing harm to your neck by sleeping in the right position.

Wearing heels

It is believed that pain is the beauty but not when it stresses your neck. Wearing high heels comes with a broad range of health problems. Regardless of how stylish you look when wearing them, high heels can create pain for your lower legs and stress your neck. They create an illusion of longer legs when you are short. If you happen to have some neck pain, then you have to consider wearing flat shoes.

Sedentary lifestyle

Choices have consequences. The more you sit for an extended period the more, your posture starts to breakdown.  It can be much easier to maintain a good posture if you choose to sit a few minutes and then engage in an activity. Make it a routine to leave your workstation at least once per hour and move around. This can help to avoid putting so much stress on your neck.

Looking down

Whether you are tilting your head down to see your laptop screen, angling your head frontward as you drive, or using your smartphone all through the day, you are putting pressure on your neck. These might appear like nothing, but doing them regularly proves how much damage they can cause. This can amount to harming for your neck over time. Avoid looking down for long; at least take a break from your reading.


While all these habits might appear as if they are small and can’t have any effect, it is imperative to make some lifestyle changes to keep your neck healthy. If the neck is stressed, the back will also be in pain.